Saturday, July 19, 2014

A Drum Roll Please

The sound of a rapidly beating drum fills the air. The crowd grows quiet and all eyes shift to the stage. The curtains part. The spotlight blinks on and the cymbal clangs. Ta-dah!!!! My latest book Strigoi: The Blood Bond is out.  The crowd cheers wildly.

On the verge of suicide after his wife leaves him, Alex Regal learns he has inherited property located in a small town deep within the mountains. Putting things on hold, he heads to Glade, hoping for something positive in his life. Getting there is easy but leaving proves to be impossible. A spell exists, keeping everyone captive in this hidden place.

The town of Glade is run by a Shapeshifter called the Strigoi. The creature needs to drink human blood to survive. Taking the form of a man or an animal, folklore about the Strigoi became the basis of stories about vampires or werewolves. Now Alex must discover a dark secret before he becomes the vampire's next meal.

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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Strigoi, The Blood Bond Prologue

 Strigoi, The Blood Bond



The Anglican priest clutched the small black book as if he were trying to strangle it. His stiff white collar pressed against his chin. Currents of air whipped the tails of his black coat. But his eyes remained locked on the pages as he read.

“We now commit the body of Jonathon Hubble to the ground; earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust: in the sure and certain hope of—” A low rumble of thunder shook the ground. The priest paused and looked at the gray clouds hanging low in the sky. “—the resurrection to eternal life.” He bent down, grabbed a handful of dirt from the excavation, and tossed it on the casket.

The breeze blew Sally Barker’s hair across her face, for a moment blocking her view. She pushed back the loose strands and sobbed. Her hands shook as she unlatched the clasp of her purse, removed a lace hankie, and dabbed her eyes. A gust ripped it from her fingers. She watched the cloth tumble between gravestones, catch for a moment on a monument shaped like an angel, and then vanish behind another marker.

The man standing next to her placed his hand atop a broad-brimmed hat to keep the wind from taking it. The air stirred the scent of tobacco and leather that enveloped him. She shivered, and he wrapped his arm around her shoulders in a protective hug.

A stocky man stood on the other side of the casket, leaning on a cane. He looked over his shoulder at an oak tree just beyond the cemetery’s entrance. The man removed a pocket watch and checked the time. He glanced again over his shoulder and pushed the watch back in his pocket.

Two workers with shovels stood farther away, near a weathered monument in the shape of a cross. The larger of the two, wearing bib overalls and a straw hat, took a long drag on a cigarette, tossed the butt to the ground, and crushed it with the toe of his boot. The thinner man, dressed in worn jeans, leaned on the handle of his shovel and tapped his foot.

Only these six people stood inside the stone wall that surrounded the cemetery behind the Church of Saint Cyprian.

The clouds darkened, and a large drop of rain plopped onto the coffin. The wind shifted as a second drop splashed on the box’s wooden surface. The priest turned and walked back to the path that passed through the cemetery’s center and led to the rectory. Sally and the other participants fell in with him, heading toward the road in front of the church. The workers moved closer to the casket and adjusted the ropes to drop the coffin into the earth.

Sally glanced toward the oak tree near the cemetery’s entrance. A gaunt man in a long coat stood near it. Lightning flashed, illuminating his white hair, accentuating the angles of his face. His icy stare lingered on her. She closed her eyes and prayed she could be anywhere else but here. Wind gusted around her, and rain pelted her face. She knew there’d be no answer to her prayer.

For they were the damned.

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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Coming this Summer!!!!

Romanian folklore tells of the Strigoi, a creature who once was a man that died and rose again to become the undead. The Strigoi is a shapeshifter, capable of taking on the form of another man or animal, a favorite being the wolf. This being needs to drink human blood to survive. The Strigoi became the basis of vampire and werewolf tales, including the most famous Dracula by Bram Stoker.
In 1792, Nikola Choroleeva emigrated from the city of Sighetu Marmației near the Carpathian Mountains to the Americas and founded a secret colony, hidden in the mountains of Appalachia, comprised of followers who offered their blood for his nourishment and he in return gave them eternal life. Being infected with the malady as him, they became the living Strigoi.
Impervious to old age and disease the members of this society from time to time die by accident or murder. By Lord Nikola’s edict, they are staked through the heart and buried to keep them from coming back as the dead Strigoi. When a citizen is lost, a replacement must be found. To this hidden world an unwilling Alex Regal was brought as a replacement.